Castle Mountain Canadian Rockies

Peaks with Personality: Mountains of the Canadian Rockies

26 Jul 2017

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If you fall in love with the Rockies, be prepared to surrender your heart for a lifetime.

You’ll know that you’ve been smitten when you feel a flutter of joy every time your eyes travel upwards towards a lofty peak. When you feel exposed and vulnerable without the cup of the mountains to stagger your horizon, you’ll know that you’ve entered into a timeless love affair.

Banff and Lake Louise are among the most beautiful places in the world, and their appeal comes down to the mountains. As an ardent fan, you’ll soon come to know each mountain by its name and personality, but here are a few of our favourite mountains of the Canadian Rockies to get you started.

Emma Lee

Emma is a travel writer and blogger living in Brisbane, Australia. She followed the snow around the world for many years, and still considers Lake Louise her happy place. Emma's other passion is food; a love that has led her down many sketchy looking alleys in Asia, South America and Europe.