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Are you travelling solo? These days, just because you might be travelling alone, doesn't mean you have to be alone. There are plenty of holidays available that are perfect for a solo traveller - like group tours and cruises. In this kind of environment, it is easy to meet new people and make friends, share your travel experiences and still truly revel in travelling on your own. It can be an exciting adventure, and our Travel Advisors are here to help you find the perfect solo holiday option for you.

We also have some handy blog articles available on solo travel, including our top 10 tips for travelling on your own, and hot destinations for the solo traveller

If you're planning your solo travel experience, have a look at the deals we have below, and then just call 1800 017 849 and speak with one of our experienced travel advisors or enquire online.

What's on offer...


strolling through London

Oxford Street, Regent Street and the King's Road in Chelsea often hog tourists' attention in London - especially those with shopping on the brain.

local food in mexico

Mexico: it's a country that encompasses a unique, effervescent energy.  It boasts a culture that has been moulded over thousands of years and is as colourful as it is contagious.  The locals will dance with you in the street, welcome you into their homes, invite you to sit and dine with them, the

Solo travel Egypt

Dreaming of adventure but don’t have a travel buddy? You’re not alone. Half of the travellers who join Peregrine and Intrepid’s range of inspirational tours are solo travellers.


Solo travel is a blossoming trend, and sailing off into the sunset on a personal cruise of discovery is a wonderful way to tiptoe outside your comfort zone to a place where life-changing moments occur.

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