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Many solo travellers join with Peregrine and Intrepid tours - in fact, approximately half travel solo. Travelling solo as part of a tour is a great way to meet people with similar interests - there's always someone to talk to, particularly at the end of the day when you can sit down and reflect on the day's events - what you've seen, food, you've eaten, people you've met.

You can choose to share a room or enjoy your own space, but either way you are never travelling alone. There are also solo travellers only departures on selected Intrepid trips.

If you're planning your solo travel experience, have a look at the Intrepid deals we have below, and then just call 1800 017 849 and speak with one of our experienced travel advisors or enquire online.

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Solo travel is a blossoming trend, and sailing off into the sunset on a personal cruise of discovery is a wonderful way to tiptoe outside your comfort zone to a place where life-changing moments occur.

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As liberating as setting off on your own adventure is, it can also be daunting.


Travelling is arguably one of the most exciting experiences a person can have – but what happens if your friends or family don't have the time or funds to travel with you?

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In today's world, just because you are travelling by yourself doesn't mean you have to be alone.

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