Visit one of the world’s awe inspiring battlefield sites and walk in the footsteps of those who took part in the epic struggles of history; where great armies once marched over rolling hills and open fields, and where jagged cliff tops and imposing ramparts became embroiled in desperate clashes for freedom - and for life itself.

Australia’s war time history is solemnly marked in a thousand places - from South Africa and Western Europe to Crete and Gallipoli, and all across the jungles of Asia and the Pacific. Follow allied engagements from World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam and more recently Iraq and Afghanistan and there will be countless Australian stories of sacrifice and valour to be found.

Battlefield tours are an excellent way to take part in organised commemoration ceremonies and Travel Associates has a wide range of packages available for upcoming anniversary events in Turkey, Greece and around the world. Enjoy an American Civil War battle re-enactment at one of the many preserved battlefield sites across the USA or discover how history played out as great armies clashed for dominance in Asia and the Middle East.      

For these or other battlefield tours and excursions, contact your nearest Travel Associates office today for an appointment. 

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