Whether big or small, the modern airport is our gateway to the world - the epicentre of today’s bustling global transport scene. Whether departing on a holiday or family event or heading out on a business trip, thanks to the airport and the airlines that serve them, we can now traverse the globe, easily connecting with our loved ones and others in record time.  

While small airports may only offer a few flights to nearby regional centres, major hub city airports can handle hundreds of daily flights with departures bound for far off lands near and far. Not just a departure point however, today’s busy terminals offer everything from elaborate airline lounges, boutique and duty-free shopping, restaurants and even hotels and health and spa services.

Should you find yourself departing from or transiting at one of the world’s major airports, you’re sure to find plenty of ways to pass the time. Below you’ll find just a brief overview of the most frequented airports by Australian travellers.