The evolution of Vietnam over the last several decades has turned this once isolated state into a true global success story – not to mention one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations.

With its ancient Chinese influences, and in more modern times, its subtle but distinct French imprint, Vietnam is a fascinating blend of diverging genealogy; something that is noticeably reflected in its culture, food, architecture and religion. Undeniably, much of the interest in Vietnam comes from its history, generating a sense of alluring mystery and curiosity. You’ll soon find however that its popularity as a holiday destination is attributed to its quaint villages, lush green landscapes, and what can seem like a never ending stretch of beautiful winding coastline. 

Vietnam is a long, narrow country bordered by Cambodia and Laos on the west and China to the north. Its land is mostly hilly and mountainous, much of it is covered in dense, green rainforest. Eco-tours are the perfect way to experience the natural Vietnamese landscape as much of the country is forested and rural. Visit scenic mountain peaks, sprawling rice fields and quiet villages for a truly authentic Vietnam experience. Vietnamese cuisine is equally noteworthy with regional specialties and national dishes offering a deliciously fresh insight into the daily life of Southeast Asia.

Perhaps Vietnam's greatest natural wonder - and one of the most celebrated - is its coastline. Stretching over 3,500 kilometres along the South China Sea, some of Vietnam's most gorgeous scenery is found along the tranquil sea. From Ha Long Bay and Haiphong City in the north to Da Nang, a popular beach destination in the country's central region, Vietnam's picturesque seaside offers an exotic escape.    

Where to stay in Vietnam

With its increasing prosperity, Vietnam is paying particular attention to its holiday and tourism industry. To meet international demand, Vietnam now enjoys an impressive selection of upscale hotels and resorts, both in the main cities and in the more rural or coastal areas. From high rise luxury in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to stylish villas overlooking the South China Sea, the accommodation renaissance taking place in Vietnam is unprecedented.

With world class accommodation, comes world class facilities. Enjoy the warm sun as you relax in your private pool oasis, bask in the peaceful environment of a day spa, or head out on a tour of discovery and explore the vibrant city streets, nearby rainforest trails or secluded golden beaches. Whether it’s the city, country or coast, you will find a wonderful array of stylish hotel properties to choose from.


Monks in Luang Prabang

In every destination there are sights that are unique to the location, or moments that you can only experience in their fullest sense in that part of the world.

The Bayon Cambodia

Majestic and mesmerising, the Mighty Mekong sustains life for millions of people, who each have a story to tell.

Inside a temple by day

The Mekong River runs through the very heart of Asia. With its headwaters in the Tibetan Plateau, it traverses six countries before meeting the sea in Vietnam.

Vietnam Cambodia AMA RV AmaLotus Ship Docked on River APT Retouch FINAL CMYK FLAT LLR

Sitting on the deck of the RV AmaLotus with a refreshing glass of Angkor beer in hand, the wide, brown Mekong River stretches out before us.

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