An island of vivid colour and natural wonder, Vanuatu offers both adventure and relaxation. Admire the sheer mountain backdrop, the bubbling vocanoes, the golden sunsets and misty waterfalls.

Like most islands in the Pacific, Vanuatu provides year-round swimming conditions with temperatures ranging between 23 to 28 degrees. November to March is the wet season where Vanuatu experiences warm temperatures, high humidity and rainfall. From April to October is Vanuatu’s dry season and a peak time for tourists. Temperatures in Vanuatu at night can be quite cool particularly during the dry season.

Vanuatu is a culturally diverse country with many customs and traditional celebrations. Some of the island’s most exciting events occur during the peak tourist season when weather conditions are at their best. On July 30, Vanuatu celebrates its independence with traditional dance ceremonies, sports events and other festivities. Another traditional celebration worth witnessing is Naghol, also known as the Pentercost Land Dive. Not for the faint hearted, Naghol sees young men perform a traditional bungee dive from tree towers using only vines tied to their legs. This fertility ritual takes place every Saturday during April and June.

Where to Stay in Vanuatu

Luxury hotels and exclusive resorts are located throughout the islands. Whether you’re after the secluded, romantic hideaway or a family friendly oasis with all the amenities, accommodation choices in Vanuatu are plentiful and available in all price ranges.

Port Vila and the nearby islands provide a convenient selection of properties which require little time to get to from the airport. One popular alternative to Port Vila is Iririki Island. Just a short 5 minute ferry ride away from Port Vila, the island offers a peaceful, upscale atmosphere with a long list of activities and dining options.

Travelling to Vanuatu

Less than a three hour flight from east coast Australia, Vanuatu is well within range for short trips, even if it’s just for a long weekend getaway. But with so much to see and do, why not make it an extended stay. Enjoy the convenience of one stop shopping at Travel Associates where our consultants can put together a comprehensive holiday package for you.

With direct services to Port Vila from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne as well as connecting services from around Australia, travelling to Vanuatu is a breeze. Call Travel Associates today and make your holiday dreams a reality. 

Vanuatu Flights

Swim erawan

A nip in the air is no reason to forgo the wonders of wild swimming. You can still take a dive into the temperate waters of some of the world's most beautiful and unusual swimming spots, from waterfalls and forest pools to bat caves.

Vanuatu yasur getty

It's constantly hissing, fussing and belching, but every half hour or so Yasur volcano sends up a tremendous spurt of lava and a boom so loud it is deafening on the crater rim and can be heard for kilometres.


When it comes to an idyllic island stay and the ultimate ocean view, nothing says relaxation and luxury like an overwater bungalow.

Overwater Bungalows at Sunset

Here's how you can enjoy a luxurious holiday in Vanuatu with overwater bungalow accommodation.

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