Luxurious UK Holidays

The birthplace of the bagpipe, the Beatles and the Beefeater, the United Kingdom boasts monumental pre-historic structures, spoils of imperialistic expansion and quaint rural towns. This is undoubtedly a kingdom that deserves special attention, a sceptred isle that’s waiting to bless visitors with a royal welcome. Experience it all by taking a holiday through the United Kingdom.

The formation of the United Kingdom began in 1536 when England and Wales entered into an official arrangement. Less than seventy years later in 1603, Scotland peacefully became part of the union when James VI of Scotland became James I of England. Today each of the separate countries maintains a degree of autonomy from London with local parliaments exercising mandated jurisdiction, while still adhering to a unified Kingdom. History is steeped throughout the regions and everywhere you explore today has tremendous significance from bygone periods.

Temperatures and weather patterns vary throughout the United Kingdom. In general the UK enjoys a temperate climate with significant rainfall year round. In England, August is the hottest month with an average peak temperature of 20 degrees and January being the coldest month where the mercury only measures around six degrees. On the other hand, Scotland has the coolest weather in the UK with a summer average of around 16 degrees.

The United Kingdom boasts many festivals and events that celebrate the British culture. Notable festivals include the Glyndebourne Opera Festival, Notting Hill Carnival and the Edinburgh Festival. Wimbledon is a major grand slam tennis tournament held in London. Other festivals include the Glastonbury Festival, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the Cardiff International Film Festival.


UK Peckfortoncastle feature

Exploring the British countryside evokes romantic images of rolling hills, castle spires and perfectly sprawling manor gardens.

London Shopping

London is brimming with trendy boutiques, markets and pop-ups that flaunt the latest fads and fashions.

Historic London Pub feature

There are few more pleasurable London experiences than supping a pint in an olde-worlde pub.

London Markets

If you frequently travel to London, you probably know all about the markets of Portobello Road (antiques), Columbia Road (flowers) and Borough (food). This famous trio draws as many - if not more - outsiders as Londoners.

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