Canada’s largest city, perched on the tip of Lake Ontario, is a medley of cultures, histories and lifestyles. Toronto’s dynamic blend of distinct neighbourhoods, vibrant downtown scene and non-stop events makes this one of Canada’s most compelling urban destinations. 

Traditionally known as ‘Hogtown’ and ‘Big Smoke’, the city recently acquired the nickname ‘The Six’, bestowed by Toronto rapper, Drake. Its meaning is up for debate, though it’s widely accepted that it refers to the 1998 unification of the city’s six boroughs – Toronto, North York, Scarborough, York, East York and Etobicoke. Whatever the origin, the moniker has stuck, with Toronto’s residents proud of the city’s ever-changing identity.
The capital city of Ontario, Toronto is a thriving platform for contemporary art, music and performance of all kinds, with a multicultural food scene rivalling the best in the world. Visitors can hear up to 128 languages and dialects in a metropolis adorned with beaches, galleries, sidewalk cafes and endless shops, featuring everything from vintage boutiques to designer outlets.
Explore the Toronto Islands on two wheels, spend an evening in the theatre district, and take a daytrip to Niagara, just 110 kilometres away. Whether you’re here for a weekend or a week, you’ll discover something new about Toronto with every visit. 


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What better way to see Canada than in absolute comfort and luxury? As a destination ripe with natural beauty, awe-inspiring history and bucket list moments, it deserves your undivided attention.


Often overshadowed by its smaller, but louder southern neighbour (the USA), Canada enjoyed the spotlight over 2017 as it celebrated its 150th birthday.

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