Luxurious Samoan Holidays

Just five hours across the glistening Pacific, in the heart of Polynesia, lie the treasured islands of the South Pacific – Samoa. Powdery white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, cascading waterfalls, powerful blow holes, hundred-year-old lava fields, emerald jungles and mystical cave pools – Samoa has it all.

Combine these with Samoa's timeless values and you get an authentic Polynesian experience found nowehre else in the South Pacific. Celebrate a traditional way of life and culture 3000 years in the making, called Fa'a Samoa - The Samoan Way. All these elements come together to create an experiene like no other, best described as a Holiday the Samoan Way. 

Samoa’s temperature remains steady year round at an average of 30 degrees, dipping to 29 degrees in winter. The rainy season lasts from November to April.

In Samoa the Teuila Festical is an annual event that features fire knife dancing known as The Siva Afi, fautasi (long boat) racing and a variety of traditional performances. 



Adrift in the daydreamy South Pacific – deliciously remote and surprisingly diverse – you can de-stress or ramp up the action. Scratch beneath the surface in the South Pacific and check off these eight unique experiences.

Samoa beach getty

Monica Galetti is rather proud of being a member of the tattooed classes, but then hers is not just any old tattoo. “See the canoes here,” she says, pointing to the large decoration on her arm, “they symbolise Mum and Dad.

Samoa Flights

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