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There is a yin and yang to Phuket, Thailand’s most popular beach destination. On the west coast, the endless string of gorgeous white sand beaches is swept by rhythmic waves rolling in from the Andaman Sea. 

In the east, the beaches are miserly, barely worthy of the name, and sometimes pushed into the sea by mangrove forests until the tide goes out and the sand flats extend to the horizon. It makes for gentle swimming and glorious sunrises.

In between is a landscape of mountains, rivers and lush tropical forests, as well as a surprising Sino-Portuguese heritage that reaches its zenith at delightful Phuket Town.

Phuket offers a beach holiday that is much more than an excuse to laze on the sand, surf or swim. There is architectural beauty and cultural diversity rare in this part of the world, with experiences as varied as the simple pleasures of mesmerising sunsets and the eye-popping realities of Patong’s naughty-and-nice nightlife.

And Phuket is a jumping off point for the dazzling karst limestone regions of Phang Nga Bay and Phi Phi, where you’ll discover the imprint of James Bond and Leonardo Di Caprio.



Phuket, it seems, has become the poster child for a beach resort destination that’s becme completely tailored to western tastes and values.

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With such an enticing backdrop of powder-white sands, crystal-clear waters and lush foliage, Thailand’s beach areas and islands along the Andaman Sea provide endless opportunities to escape the everyday on a relaxing getaway

ship starclipper

Many of us are old enough to remember the adventurous BBC TV series The Onedin Line, where glorious old tall sailing ships plied the oceans in search of adventure and profit. That TV series was the spark for my interest, and the opportunity to get aboard Star Clipper – in advanc

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While travellers with wanderlust in their veins usually spend most of their time planning what to do on land, there are a multitude of waterside adventures awaiting your next jaunt around the world.

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