The City of Lights shines an illuminating beacon brightly over a picturesque city - boasting sprawling parks, a meandering river and beautiful beaches. Proudly embracing the title of the world’s most isolated city, Perth is definitively a rewarding destination featured a relaxed yet cosmopolitan vibe, gorgeous restaurants and cultural activities galore. Once you’ve had your city fix on a Perth holiday, head south to the beautiful Margaret River.

Perth Flights


Qantas Dreamliner

Qantas has officially opened sales for its ground breaking Perth - London route, which will take its inaugural flight on 24th March 2018.

Dining carriage on the Ghan

Great Southern Rail has amped up the luxury on its iconic trains The Indian Pacific and The Ghan, with an exclusive new carriage for Platinum travellers.

sunny beach grange

Whichever city you choose for an Australian holiday, there will be a buzzing metropolitan beach or a secluded cove within easy reach. Therein lies the reason as to why everyone around the world associates Down Under with the beach.

Margaret vines

Although winemaking in the Swan valley, just outside Perth, has been established for 180 years, Western Australia

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