It would take several lifetimes to experience all that Los Angeles has to offer. More than just the second largest city in the USA, it’s like 12 cities in one, with each neighbourhood unveiling its own vibe and character. Close to half of Los Angeles’ residents can trace their roots back to Latin American origins, and the city’s past, present and future have been shaped by these rich cultures.

LA caters to the choosiest of shoppers, with both global fashion brands and edgy local designers; and of course, it’s the undisputed entertainment capital of the world, legendary home of Hollywood and the silver screen.

But LA offers so much more. Surrounded by mountain ranges, valleys, forests, beaches, and desert, one can take to the great outdoors, with almost a guarantee of good weather any time of year. It has more cultural institutions than any other major city in the United States. And it offers a diverse culinary scene with some of the most critically acclaimed chefs in the world.

If you haven’t experienced the City of Angels, go now; or if you’ve been 100 times, go back, as Los Angeles is constantly recreating itself, always adding to its list of blockbuster attractions.


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Glamorous, fabulous and rambunctious, Los Angeles offers its own brand of irresistible luxury that is never more evident than in these iconic hotels.


Pfft, forget the Olympics! It’s the awards season that’s the real highlight of the calendar for any self-respecting pop-culture vulture, a time when Los Angeles rolls out the red carpet for the entertainment industry.

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Besides the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and the beautiful people showing off their chiseled bodies in Santa Monica and Venice Beach, there’s another type of performance art in Los Angeles that’s every bit as entertaini

Image of Harry Potter car

It was an exciting day for muggles when the latest Hogwarts school threw open its door to them (and if you don’t know what a muggle is, stop reading now – this story is not for you or the rock under which you’ve been living).

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