Luxurious Ireland Holidays

With a fascinating history steeped in pagan rituals, Viking invasion, medieval chivalry and modern liberation, the Emerald Isle is sure to enchant, mesmerise and delight. This is a magical land where leprechauns bless visitors and stones have the ability to give you the gift of the gab. Experience it all with an Ireland holiday.

Twenty-six counties form the Republic of Ireland, with the remaining six belonging to Northern Ireland and part of the United Kingdom. In 1937, the constitution of Ireland formerly came into effect with the British representative, the Governor-General, being replaced with a President. Ireland’s Government sit in the capital, Dublin. In the ultimate gesture of reconciliation, Queen Elizabeth became the first British monarch in a century to step foot on Irish soil in May 2011. Today, the Irish welcome visitors with generously warm hospitality.

Best times to travel to Ireland

While the weather doesn’t particularly deter year round travel, Ireland is generally considered a summer destination. In July the temperature rises to around 19 degrees. While in winter the mercury manages to reach around five degrees. If you’re hiking through the countryside, the weather is always unpredictable, so pack appropriately.

Ireland hosts many annual events and festivals including the internationally-renowned Wexford Opera Festival, Cork Jazz Festival and the Smithwick’s Cat Laughs Festival. St Patrick’s Day is a big celebration, with a parade in the capital, Dublin.


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We might love Ireland for giving us St Patrick's day, but beyond the Guinness-fuelled celebrations every March, there are a host of other reasons to head to Ireland. Here are 10 places we recommend you add to your Ireland itinerary. 

Ballynahinch Library

A castle is defined as a large building typically fortified with high walls and soaring towers, but the word has come to mean much more. The abodes of nobility and the settings of countless enchanting legends, castles are ensconced in our culture as romantic icons of a time gone by.

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Holidays are the one time (aside from Christmas) when you can overindulge without feeling guilty. It's one of the reasons we love going on holiday.

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There's a peaceful and adventurous feeling to sitting atop a gallant steed and exploring the countryside of a foreign land. In the age of cars, jets and ferries, it's still possible to revisit a time when men and women set out on epic journeys with their wits and trusty horse. Here are the best h

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