Fiji Cruise Experiences

There's possibly no better way to experience the many different islands that make up Fiji than by cruise ship. From quiet little atolls with colourful coral reefs, hidden lagoons and deserted beaches, to the larger islands with their vast mountain outcrops and lush rainforest covered lands, a cruise affords travellers the ability to visit not just one island, but several.

With several cruise line operators, there are many itineraries to choose from, but all provide the same scenic experience - and in one convenient package too, with departures from Nadi operating almost daily. Choose from larger vessels with all the big cruise line amenities like day spas, pools and restaurants or opt for the romance of a sailing ship, with their tall sails snapping in the ocean air as the wind carries you from one magical island to the next.

Of course it's as much about the journey as it is about the destination. Enjoy the sights as you laze barefoot on the deck of a tall sail catamaran or elegant cruise ship, relaxing with a fruity Fijian cocktail in hand. Cruise activities include everything from swimming, sunning, snorkelling and diving. Whale sightings are even common and make for exciting photo opportunities.


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