For those who love nature and the outdoors, Fiji is the destination of choice, and no matter how adventurous or laid back you want your excursion to be, sightseeing tours, adventure activities and water sports are the perfect way to experience Fiji's diverse beauty.

Whether you choose to stick close to your beach side resort or head off the beaten track into the lush interior of one of the islands, there are plenty of adventure activities to enjoy. The easy going beaches and warm ocean waters are of course what draws people to the coast, and there's plenty for adventure junkies to enjoy here.

Catch a wave on a surfing outing or put a powerful jet ski through its paces. While it may be a slower pace, the underwater world is just as exciting. Discover the colourful reef and assortment of sea life on a snorkelling or diving expedition. Boat tours provide the perfect platform from which to enjoy these activities around the islands.

The interior of the islands are equally as beautiful, and for those looking to get a taste of Fiji's tropical landscape, visitors can explore independently or book one of a myriad of tours. Trickling streams, cascading waterfalls and hidden caves provide an alluring setting for hiking and photography. Head out on a self guided tour along one of the many mapped out hiking trails or explore even more of the tropical landscape on an off-road tour. All terrain vehicles make for a convenient and exciting way to experience the wilds of Fiji.

What better way to view the dense rainforest than from above? Fly through the treetops at thrilling speeds as you survey the beautiful landscape below on a zip line adventure. Choose from a slower paced family run or opt for an adventure outing where higher speeds and greater heights are the name of the game.

No matter how you choose to experience Fiji and its natural surroundings, the rewards will be the same - fun filled memories to last a lifetime.

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