The blissful holiday escape lived out on a secluded tropical island is a dream everyone can relate to. Swaying palm trees, long, white sand beaches and your own villa in which to relax and unwind is a pursuit impossible to refuse - especially when that place is Fiji.

For the ultimate in luxury, privacy and personal attention, a stay on one of Fiji's private islands is unlike any other holiday. Impressive dwellings, flawless service and unsurpassed natural beauty conspire effortlessly, making this lovely find the perfect option for honeymoons or adult only stays. While some private island resorts allow children, these exclusive retreats are mostly tailored to adult clientele.

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Getting to these remote locales usually requires a short flight from Nandi International Airport, where a helicopter, fixed wing aircraft or ferry can whisk you away to your own personal paradise. A warm welcome on the beach is often customary along with a refreshing tropical drink - just the personal touch one would expect from an exclusive retreat.
Forget about packing a suit case full of dress clothes and evening wear. The low key atmosphere provided on a remote island escape, means that you can dress for comfort. After all, the island is your own private playground. Even meals can be a dressed down affair with such low key but intimate settings made even more magical with the lovely ocean views and fragrant tropical gardens.
By day, do as little or as much as you want. Enjoy a swim and a stroll along a deserted beach, or navigate the ocean blue with some snorkelling or kayaking. No matter how you choose to spend your time, the rejuvenating benefits of a private island holiday will be cherished.

A villa stay on one of the idyllic Fiji islands is the perfect way to live out such tropical holiday dreams. Such stylish digs provide the most comfortable and convenient way to enjoy the many tropical locales of Fiji. From the energetic and gratifyingly indulgent Mamanuca Islands and Denarau to the placid and tranquil bearing of the Yasawa and Northern Islands, villas provide both an intimate atmosphere for couples, and the space needed for a family or group of friends. 

Many villa properties are ideal for weddings and honeymoons too. With scenic views overlooking the ocean and distant Fiji mountains, the beautiful settings create a most romantic setting - both inside and out. Couples and families alike will appreciate the luxuries found in these modern, upscale dwellings which are sure to be one of the big highlights on any Fiji holiday experience.

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