Luxurious Eastern European Holidays

Now that it has been a few decades since the Iron Curtain dropped and the Cold War thawed, the splendid sights of Eastern Europe are now more accessible than ever. From the Czech Republic to Russia, the patchwork of countries within Eastern Europe traverses vast expanses, alpine terrain and extensive coastline. Glorious period architecture, quaint cobblestone streets, picturesque bridges and old towns are revealed in a snapshot of the past with the wondrous promise of a bright future.

Centuries of intertwined legacies have produced unique cuisines and tipples brewed the same way for generations. Feel the warmth of comfort food and hospitality from within medieval edifices as you ward away the chill of an Eastern European winter. Christmas markets bring the icy environment to life with twinkling lights and spice wine, and fairytale castles and remote ski resorts lure the romantic and adventurous at heart.

Come summer, the beach resorts of the Black Sea and Adriatic Coast are alive with holidaymakers soaking up the sun amid historic sites. Venture inland for a breath of fresh air with raw wilderness, pristine lakes and dense forests. Take the road less travelled with a cruise along the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers, or the iconic Trans-Siberian Railway through Russia. Opportunity is around every corner of Eastern Europe.


Travel Associates overlooking budapest parliament from fisherman's bastion

It is no surprise Budapest won ‘Best European River Cruise Destination’ in the most recent Cruise Critic Cruisers’ Choice Destination Awards.

Travel Associates lyon river city

Ah France, it’s always high on the list isn’t it? For some it’s the beauty, some the sights and history, for many it’s the food; but it’s also got a little je ne sais quoi.

Riga feature

Sitting at the crossroads between Northern and Eastern Europe lies the biggest and most cosmopolitan of the Baltic capitals, Riga.

Amsterdam like a local

If you veer off Amsterdam’s tourist trail you’ll be pleasantly surprised. There’s plenty to see in Amsterdam other than the Anne Frank house and the Van Gough museum. Ditch the guidebooks, skip the lines and tick off these seven ways to see Amsterdam like a local.

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