Despite its undeniable position as one of the world’s largest economic powers, China’s traditions and history stand strong amongst considerable western influence. A country of dramatic diversity and an age-old culture, very few countries come close to China’s awe-inspiring scale. Take a China holiday and experience the wonder today.


kimberley challenge

Recognised cruising and touring company, APT, has just released an inspiring list of 16 travel experiences not to be missed this year.

Image of Beijing Stadium Birds nest

Sometimes it doesn't matter who's playing but where they're playing. The stadiums featured on this list don't necessarily feature the most fanatic environments but rather the most incredible appearances and architectural design.

china watchtower

The Great Wall is far more than a triumph of engineering.

Palace Statue Winter

From extravagant European landmarks to intriguing Asian hideaways, incredible royal palaces are all around the world. Unlike Australia, which is short on royal abodes, these palaces exude rich history and culture, along with extravagant luxury, making any visit an unforgettable experience.

Beijing Flights

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