As connoisseurs of experiences that are remote, exotic and inspired, Captain’s Choice take you over the roads, skies, rail tracks and waterways less travelled aboard opulent trains, majestic river ships and private jets on some of the most enviable pathways imaginable. Who said getting there is only half the fun? With the Captain’s Choice red carpet treatment, the journey is almost as attractive as the destination.

It’s all about making an entrance – at Captain’s Choice how you travel is just important as what you do when you arrive!

  • Feel the difference of a Private Jet schedule in an elite world where queues and check in lines become a thing of the past.
  • Unwind to holiday pace aboard purpose built river ships; or cruise on ships privately chartered by Captain's Choice.  
  • When you leave all the hard work to us, travelling to places outside your comfort zone becomes as relaxing as when you travel within it - no distance is too great to go for our guests.

What’s more, with Captain’s Choice it’s all taken care of - you’ll never have to lift a finger. It’s our mission to widen your lens, broaden your horizons and put the pleasure back into the journey. Welcome to travel as it’s supposed to be… 

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