Picture Perfect Lindblad Expeditions

5 May 2015

Even if you’ve been shooting for years and years, there is still plenty to learn when it comes to digital photography in challenging environments. Roderick Eime explains what it means to be in the field, and in the moment, with a National Geographic-certified photo instructor on a Lindblad Expedit ...

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Navigating Hong Kong’s Shopping Landscape

4 May 2015

Hong Kong is a pleasure for the senses. From the vibrant sights and sounds to the tempting aromas and exotic flavours, there’s no denying that this exciting world city is unlike any other. Perhaps nothing piques our finely tuned senses though in quite the way shopping can, and in Hong Kong, yo ...

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Lindblad Expeditions: What To Expect On Any Given Day

30 Apr 2015

When the discussion turns to expedition cruising, the name ‘Lindblad’ is almost immediately recalled. Roderick Eime explains how over 50 years of history has shaped a collection of the most life-enriching travel experiences, and paints a picture of what you can expect in a day with Lin ...

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What Ships Are in Port This Week?

29 Apr 2015

Curious to know what ships are in port this week? Our Port Calendar lets you know which cruise lines are headed your way around the country. Opportunities to inspect cruise ships are limited and varied. However if you’re interested, it’s worth contacting your experienced Travel Associate ...

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