5 Best Shopping Festivals Around the World

21 May 2015

Whether it’s a souk in Marrakech, a bazaar in New Delhi, fresh produce markets in Fiji or a massive shopping mall in America, shopping for souvenirs and one-of-a-kind mementos are an essential part of overseas travel. While online shopping has brought the global marketplace to your fingertips,  ...

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Maldives via Dubai: The Perfect Holiday Pair

20 May 2015

As if the alluring desert oasis of Dubai wasn’t enough, Travel Associates consultants Rachael Cloros, Peter Finch and Rachael Heelan were treated to five glorious days in the Maldives as guests of Club Med, Emirates Airlines and Arabian Adventures. While the two holiday hotspots may seem a wor ...

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Tips & Tricks When Travelling Alone

19 May 2015

Travelling is arguably one of the most exciting experiences a person can have – but what happens if your friends or family don’t have the time or funds to travel with you? For some, the best option is to travel alone. In July 2014, Roy Morgan released a study showing just how many Australian ...

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5 Must Eats in Hong Kong

18 May 2015

At almost every turn in Hong Kong there seems to be a tempting blend of delicious fare, and in a thriving international city such as this, it’s hard not to be enticed by all the flavourful offerings. In many sections of the city, fresh food markets, noodle shops and street side food stalls pro ...

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