5 Reasons to Return to Hayman Island

16 Apr 2015

Captain Cook first sailed the waters around Hayman Island in 1770, only to return years later for another look. While today’s visitors may have more leisurely exploits on their mind, the opportunity for discovery is still very much alive on and around Hayman Island. The only way to experience ...

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What Ships Are In Port This Week?

15 Apr 2015

Curious to know what ships are in port this week? Our Port Calendar lets you know which cruise lines are headed your way around the country. Opportunities to inspect cruise ships are limited and varied. However if you’re interested, it’s worth contacting your experienced Travel Associate ...

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Behind the Design of Bali’s Best Villas

14 Apr 2015

Nothing puts a traveler in the holiday mood more than a beach side luxury villa. Just steps away from the warm ocean waves and lush tropical island gardens, the fun in the sun begins the minute you drop your bags.  Creating the setting of a beautiful Balinese home, modern architectural styles are m ...

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10 Books To Inspire Travel

13 Apr 2015

Reading about far-flung locations stirs the wanderlust in all of us. Here are 10 of our favourite tomes to ignite the travel bug through epic journeys, gourmand trails, self-reflection and humorous tales (in alphabetical order). The Beach by Alex Garland (1996) The search for an idyllic, hidden isl ...

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