Top 10 Craft Beer Pubs In Birmingham

27 Jul 2015

Although many associate England with warm and flat beer, the country is quickly progressing through the world’s craft beer scene. With a range of bars now supporting local and international microbreweries, it’s easy to get your fix of craft favourites. Birmingham is one of the UK destina ...

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Double Vision: Europe vs North America Skiing

20 Jul 2015

Unsure whether to hit the ski slopes of Europe or North America? Brian Johnson plays spot the difference to help us decide. It’s as easy to fall into generalisations about the contrasting ski experiences in Europe and North America as it is for a beginner to fall off a T-bar. But although there ...

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Three (Not So) Typical Days with APT Small Ship Cruising

29 Jun 2015

It’s been said we don’t remember days — we remember moments instead. Whether it’s satisfying a curiosity as as life long learner, or working through a bucket-list for bragging rights, travellers from all walks of life are really chasing those once-in-a-lifetime moments at the h ...

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There’s More to Dubai Than Meets the Eye

25 Jun 2015

Travel Associates’ Team Leader, Nathan Dare, is never one to let an exciting travel opportunity pass by. When Emirates and Dubai Tourism invited him on a whirlwind tour of the great Middle Eastern tourist Mecca of Dubai, he jumped at the chance.  From luxurious resorts and enchanting cultural ...

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