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Flight Centre Travel Group Statement – MH17

18 Jul 2014

Travel Associates, part of  The Flight Centre Travel Group (FLT) and its people are deeply saddened by the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight MH 17. Collectively, our thoughts are with those who are af ...

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New Airport Security Rules for Mobile and Electronic Devices

18 Jul 2014

In this day and age we  all travel with at least one electronic device such as a mobile phone, tablet, e-book reader, laptop, digital camera and portable music player. A new airport security measure has just been introduced where, effective immediately, all travellers passing through airport securi ...

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Have a whale of a time in Maui

15 Jul 2014

Perhaps no destination in the vast Pacific region is as alluring, mystical and breathtaking as Hawaii’s Maui Island. Formed over millions of years from the volcanic activity of thousands of lava spewing vents, Maui emerged with a landscape of immense diversity. The gigantic, tree lined mountai ...

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Postcards from South Africa

14 Jul 2014

Intrepid explorer Jane Thesinger has travelled the world, experiencing exotic cultures and visiting faraway lands that many of us only dream about. Her latest excursion certainly continues in that adventurous vain. Store manager of Thesinger & Turner Travel Associates, Jane recently enjoyed sev ...

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3 mouth-watering French food festivals you need to experience. Bon Appetit!

11 Jul 2014

France is home to some of the world's best gourmet fare, so why not celebrate this with a trip to a food festival? Continue reading ...

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