Samoa: Treasured Islands In The South Pacific

2 Sep 2015

Monica Galetti is rather proud of being a member of the tattooed classes, but then hers is not just any old tattoo. “See the canoes here,” she says, pointing to the large decoration on her arm, “they symbolise Mum and Dad. The masculine centipede stands for my four brothers; the feminine birds ...

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Sailing By The Stars In The Cook Islands

1 Sep 2015

We are on the deck of the 22-metre Marumaru Atua as it climbs, creaks and dips in the ocean swell. A star compass is carved into the deck below the crew’s bare feet. Mother-of-pearl markers are etched into the wooden railings. I’m one of seven passengers and eight crew members sailing solely by ...

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12 Days In New Zealand And No Second To Spare

31 Aug 2015

“So, what do you think of Brokenville?” asks Jim the taxi driver as we slink through the streets of post-earthquake Christchurch in the early morning light. I draw breath but Jim doesn’t wait for my answer. “They’re going to put planters on the side of the streets to ma ...

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12 Europe River Cruising Questions Answered

30 Aug 2015

Europe river cruising continues to evolve in the most exciting and surprising ways. As the romance of the river swells the imagination of more and more travellers (Australian passenger numbers increased 65 per cent in 2014 alone*), operators are responding with cutting edge ship design, creative it ...

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