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5 dishes that will give you a real taste of Thailand

1 Sep 2014

Send your tastebuds on a vacation to remember by sampling a few of these Southeast Asian delicacies the next time you visit Thailand!

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Five reasons why you should go on a river cruise in europe

29 Aug 2014

There are many ways to explore Europe. You can bus, train, fly, drive, walk or as many Australians are discovering you can slowly meander down rivers on a river cruise. Anthony Lee of Yee & Turner Travel Associates in Kenmore describes five great reasons to take a river cruise. Slow peaceful pac ...

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4 reasons why you should stay in an overwater bungalow at least once in your life

27 Aug 2014

You’ve likely seen images of them on television or in the movies. Crystal-clear waters, gorgeous thatch-roofed properties and endless sunny skies in tropical destinations around the world – yes, overwater bungalows are truly a luxurious accommodation option for any holiday. Here are ...

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The adventurous side of Bora Bora

25 Aug 2014

Bora Bora is known for its beauty and relaxing beaches. But did you know there are multiple exciting adventure opportunities to be had as well? Continue reading ...

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Discover the real Champagne of Champagne

22 Aug 2014

If you're considering a trip to France, a visit to Champagne for a taste of the region and its most famous drink is a must-do. Continue reading ...

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