Taking on the Big Apple from above

22 Jan 2015

New York’s iconic skyline is seemingly endless and trying to take in the enormous scale of it all can seem daunting when left to scurry at ground level through the maze of busy city streets. Even observation decks of such iconic landmarks as 30 Rock or the Empire State Building will afford bu ...

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Only in the Cook Islands

20 Jan 2015

With its limitless beauty and rich cultural heritage, it’s easy to see why the Cook Islands has emerged as a stand out South Pacific destination. Mix the tranquil ambiance and limitless beauty of the islands with the warm embrace of its people and you have a bountiful cocktail full of temptin ...

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5 Must Do USA Festivals For 2015

15 Jan 2015

The USA continues to be one of the most popular holiday destinations for Australians, and in a place where there’s a festival or event to show case most anything, you are sure to find an occasion of interest in which to centre an entire holiday. As the New Year kicks off, so does the wide array of ...

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Word of Mouth: A Cook Islands Food Experience Unlike Any Other

13 Jan 2015

The Cook Islands are special for many reasons – the secluded, white sand beaches, the crystal clear ocean waters and of course, the waterfall infused rainforest interior. But what makes this country truly unique is its culture. The local people are always eager to demonstrate their cultural herita ...

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