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Enchanting Palm Cove

1 Aug 2014

Named for the beautiful palm lined beaches along the city’s picturesque coast line, Palm Cove in Northern Queensland is one of Australia’s most popular holiday resort areas. Just a short 15 minute ...

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Have a unique experience at the Whitsunday Islands

30 Jul 2014

Here is some information about unique travel experiences amongst the gorgeous Whitsunday Islands in Queensland. Continue reading ...

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A true northern adventure you will never forget

28 Jul 2014

Polar expert Jan Bryde has been a North Pole Expedition leader for over 20 years. He’s reached the ultimate goal ten times, but it’s obvious from the animated way he speaks about every conquest of 90º North that for him, the buzz will never fade. This unbridled passion is why Captain’s Choice ...

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Cruise your way around the Indian Ocean and Africa

25 Jul 2014

Here's a guide to what you can expect on one of the cruises available through Africa and the Indian Ocean. Continue reading ...

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7 reasons why you should experience a Viking River Cruise

23 Jul 2014

Is it the choice of inspiring destinations that makes Viking the world’s leading river cruise line? Or is it the carefully crafted itineraries? Is it the fleet of spacious and stylish ships? Or the attention to every detail? Perhaps it is all these reasons why more holiday makers choose to cruise ...

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