Malaysia Road Trip: From Kuala Lumpur To The East Coast

9 Oct 2015

I’m sitting in the conservatory of Kuala Lumpur’s newly reopened Majestic Hotel, surrounded by a thousand different orchids, enjoying an afternoon tea that could rival that served at the Ritz. When I lived in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, 30 years ago, the Majestic was run down, ...

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Festivals In The Philippines

8 Oct 2015

There are 7,107 islands in The Philippines and at least as many fiestas. Depending on your schedule, you can celebrate local produce, such as coconut (January in San Pablo, Laguna), banana (March in Baco, Mindoro), pineapple (June in Camarines Norte) and milkfish (May in Dagupan, Pangasinan). You ca ...

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Treasures Of The Cambodian Jungle

7 Oct 2015

Just how does a modern traveller find an ancient lost city? In the soupy heat of the north-west Cambodian jungle, I chose Lin to lead the way. He was one of several boys on scooters waiting by the edge of a dirt track, surrounded by banana trees and chirping cicadas. Wearing flip-flops and a blue T- ...

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Top 10 Bungee Jumps In The World

6 Oct 2015

“I still recall my first jump,” reminisces New Zealander AJ Hackett, the man who launched commercial bungee jumping 25 years ago today. “I had the most amazing sensation.” At the time Hackett was running a struggling ski shop, but inspired by British daredevils The Oxford Uni ...

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