A Culinary Tour Through Malaysia

4 Sep 2015

On a steamy, sunny morning at Kuala Lumpur’s Imbi Market, an Anglo-Australian and a Francophile Canadian took the advice of two Chinese-Malay strangers and tried kari mee, a dish of soupy noodles. This impromptu multicultural exchange, with lunch, was very Malaysian. The Strait of Malacca has been ...

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Insider’s Guide To Las Vegas

3 Sep 2015

Fabulous food spots, buzzy bars and excellent entertainment – you can bet the Las Vegas Strip has everything covered for a lively trip. Check out our guide on making the most out of your time in this iconic American city. Stay The grandest of them all, the Bellagio, sits proud behind its famous fo ...

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Samoa: Treasured Islands In The South Pacific

2 Sep 2015

Monica Galetti is rather proud of being a member of the tattooed classes, but then hers is not just any old tattoo. “See the canoes here,” she says, pointing to the large decoration on her arm, “they symbolise Mum and Dad. The masculine centipede stands for my four brothers; the feminine birds ...

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Sailing By The Stars In The Cook Islands

1 Sep 2015

We are on the deck of the 22-metre Marumaru Atua as it climbs, creaks and dips in the ocean swell. A star compass is carved into the deck below the crew’s bare feet. Mother-of-pearl markers are etched into the wooden railings. I’m one of seven passengers and eight crew members sailing solely by ...

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