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Dreaming of a White Christmas?

24 Nov 2014

Want to enjoy a white Christmas this year? Talk to your travel agent about one of these winter adventures now!

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Middle Eastern Enchantment in Oman

12 Nov 2014

Images of lantern lit bazaars, grand palaces and windswept sand dunes naturally come to mind when dreaming of the faraway Arabian Peninsula. A land of golden deserts, rugged mountains and enchanting seas, this imposing landscape forged by the shifting sands of time, has given rise to ancient culture ...

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Girls Just Want To Have Fun

10 Nov 2014

Jo Kennedy from Kennedy & Turner Travel Associates recently enjoyed a bike tour around Vietnam with 12 intrepid travellers from Australia and around the world. As the thirteen women met and became acquainted in the hotel lobby of their Vietnam hotel, little did they know they’d be in for one o ...

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Kauai – Nature at its Finest

5 Nov 2014

The western most islet of Hawaii’s main islands, Kauai is the oldest and the smallest. Formed thousands of years ago by thunderous volcanoes, the island is now home to lush tropical rainforests, towering mountains and dramatic canyons. And with a higher than average rainfall in some parts of Kauai ...

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Ancient China Revealed

3 Nov 2014

China is a place of great contrast. Its ancient culture is revealed through its century’s old statues, gates and walls, and as much as the fearsome terracotta warriors and the Great Wall reveal China’s rich past, so does the modern city skyline proclaim the country’s modern achievements. Hoste ...

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