How To Make The Most Of Business Class

25 May 2016

When flying Business Class, it’s easy to get caught up in the glamour that comes with a seat at the pointy end of the plane. Even if you’re a regular patron of this coveted cabin, you may be spending all of your time focusing on the obvious benefits of a lie-flat seat and all that legroo ...

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Extreme Experiences In Chile

24 May 2016

Blink and you might miss Chile on the map. A mere sliver of a nation, curving along the spine of South America, Chile stretches some 4,300 kilometres down the west coast of the continent, but is only 350 kilometres across. What it lacks in girth, it more than makes up for with wild experiences in d ...

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Virgin Australia Launches New Cabins Across The Pacific

23 May 2016

Virgin Australia has launched their new refurbished 777-300ER on the popular Sydney to Los Angeles route from Monday 16 May, 2016. With new seats and bars in both the Business Class and Premium Economy cabins, Virgin Australia has yet again revolutionised the skies with a fresh approach to flying. T ...

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Inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

22 May 2016

It was an exciting day for muggles when the latest Hogwarts school threw open its door to them (and if you don’t know what a muggle is, stop reading now – this story is not for you or the rock under which you’ve been living). It was 6am in the morning on April 7, with a slight chance of rain, ...

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World War II History Comes Alive In The Solomon Islands

21 May 2016

Australia has been lucky in that our shores have rarely seen the horrors of military conflict. But while the battle scars of World War II are still visible at the Top End, we can be thankful that our Australian lands, and the people here at home never had to endure the tragic price of a large-scal ...

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What Kind Of Traveller Is Paul Young?

20 May 2016

He’s the chart-topper whose career has gone the distance. Over five decades, Paul Young has cemented his status as one of Britain’s biggest pop stars, with a back catalogue of hits, including “Every Time You Go Away” and “Love of the Common People;” alongside his iconic perfo ...

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Manfredi’s Culinary Guide To The Amalfi Coast

19 May 2016

Singing fishermen, dazzling blue seas and truly delicious anchovies are just some of the delights of Italy’s Amalfi coast says Australian/Italian celebrity chef Stefano Manfredi. Back home in Sydney after a trip to shoot photos for his next cook book about pizza, Manfredi shares some of his favour ...

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Seven Ways Qatar’s A350 Has Changed Business Class

18 May 2016

When Australia received its first Airbus A350-XWB service in May 2016 with Qatar Airways starting a daily Adelaide-Doha service, it came with an intriguing promise – reduced jet lag. That’s only part of the story when flying Business Class on the new generation aircraft. 1. Welcome aboard ...

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Coasting In Amalfi

16 May 2016

Strung along the mountainous coast like pearls on a necklace, joined by a thin ribbon of winding road, the towns of the Amalfi Coast are among Italy’s most alluring destinations. From the pretty pastel houses of Positano to the majesty of Capri perched in its island splendour, there is plenty to e ...

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Travelshoot: When Selfies Won’t Cut It

13 May 2016

Serendipity happens when the favour you do for a friend provides you with an amazing new business opportunity. That’s the way it worked for Sarah Pearce, the self-described ’chief of stuff’ for Travelshoot, a fantastic new ‘optional extra’ to add to a travel itinerary. Travelshoot is, quit ...

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7 Ways The Queen Mary 2 Will Be Remastered

3 May 2016

The world’s most famous cruise ship, Queen Mary 2, is set to undergo a 25-day refit, or “remastering”, from 27 May with a redesign largely inspired from the original Queen Mary. While staying true to Cunard’s art deco heritage, the ship will be updated and new areas created, from single cabi ...

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What Kind Of Traveller Is Julia Zemiro?

29 Apr 2016

TV presenter, radio host, actor, singer, writer and comedian, Julia Zemiro, is a bona fide triple threat. Synonymous as the host of the super-hit musical quiz show, RocKwiz since its debut in 2005, the French-born media personality has also found fame as the Australian face of Eurovision thanks to ...

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5 Luxury Experiences You Can Have Only In New Zealand

21 Apr 2016

Colossal mountains and volcanic ranges, sheer glaciers and health-giving thermal springs: New Zealand delivers nature on a grand scale. It’s also one of the few places in the world where you can holiday in luxury on the precipice of stupendous beauty while enjoying unique bespoke activities. Beyo ...

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Star Clippers To Sail Indonesian Waters For The First Time

20 Apr 2016

Many of us are old enough to remember the adventurous BBC TV series The Onedin Line, where glorious old tall sailing ships plied the oceans in search of adventure and profit. That TV series was the spark for my interest, and the opportunity to get aboard Star Clipper – in advance of its return t ...

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Bhutan: A Mystical Land Of Surprises

19 Apr 2016

Of all the world’s nations, it’s the tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan that is setting standards for all others to follow. Nestled between India, Nepal, Tibet and China, this remarkable little country with a population of only 750,000 and spanning only 300 kilometres by 150 kilometres, measure ...

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New ‘Active Discovery’ On The Danube With Avalon Waterways

13 Apr 2016

For the last few years, Europe river cruising has evolved in the most surprising ways. And the latest evolution? The ability to bike, hike, canoe and learn your way down one of Europe’s most iconic rivers. For the active and young at heart, Avalon Waterways has just released an amazing 9-day ...

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How Uniworld Connects With Locals Along The Mekong

7 Apr 2016

To the guest, travelling with Uniworld on its Timeless Wonders of Vietnam, Cambodia and the Mekong river cruise itinerary is a luxurious and seamlessly enjoyable experience, where new wonders are revealed each day and everything seems to ‘just happen’ with minimal effort. But behind the scene ...

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Three Michelin Star Dining On The High Seas

6 Apr 2016

We’ll start with a quotation. “A great meal is not one that just fills you up. A great meal is a journey that returns you to sources of pleasure you may have forgotten and takes you to places you haven’t been before.” If you were to take out the word ‘meal’ and substitute ‘trip’ or ...

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What’s New For Paul Gauguin Cruises In 2017

5 Apr 2016

Few cruise lines know the South Pacific like Paul Gauguin Cruises. Renowned as the leaders in luxury sailing experiences across Tahiti and Fiji, this resplendent line offers an unparalleled distinction of luxury and destination expertise in the South Pacific. In 2017, Paul Gauguin is set to indulge ...

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Six Reasons New Zealand’s Lodges Are The Envy Of The World

4 Apr 2016

The trans-Tasman rivalry has always been fierce. Whether it’s cricket, rugby or pinot noir, our Kiwi cousins have consistently punched above their weight across so many fields of endeavour. One sphere where Australia has being playing catch-up for years has been in the business of luxury lodges wh ...

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