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With its pleasing coastline spanning thousands of kilometres, world class resorts, charming colonial villages and ancient pyramids and ruins, it's no surprise that magical Mexico continues to be one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

A nation of over 100 million people, its rich history is rooted in the Mayan and Aztec cultures, whose great civilisations have provided Mexico with a diverse culture and an abundance of archaeological treasures. Dotting the Mexican landscape, great pyramids and crumbling ruins reveal the once thriving centres of religion and commerce. Centuries ago, even the invading Spanish conquerors were transfixed upon first sighting these imposing Native American cities. Today, Mexico’s Native American and Spanish heritage is beautifully reflected in its food and architecture, making for a delightfully broadening holiday experience.  

Sandwiched between the Pacific on the west and Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea on the east, the verdant coasts offer an endless array of beachside attractions. Head inland and the vast interior of the country is a topographical mixture of rugged, cactus filled terrain and a seemingly endless panorama of rounded mountain ranges.  The lush, rainforest covered lands of the Yucatan provide many intoxicating options for eco-tours where visitors can enjoy such fascinating activities as underwater-cave diving expeditions and jungle hikes.       

It is the beautiful beaches and fun filled resort towns that are the main attraction for many. From Cancun and Playa del Carmen on Yucatan Peninsula's Gulf Coast to Cabo San Lucas on Baja California, and the many dazzling resort cities that lie in between, Mexico is not short on idyllic, beachside holiday retreats. Continue inland and absorb the abundant history in charming Spanish style villages, where cathedral spires, cobblestone streets and gas lanterns conspire to create a romantic, old world scene that is filled with colonial charm.  

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