— words by Keith Austin

Ever since William the Conqueror consolidated his victory over King Harold at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 – with a hefty great castle on the banks of the River Thames – London has been at the epicentre of English life. As Samuel Johnson said in 1777, “When a man is tired of London he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."
From the rarified atmosphere of Chelsea and Kensington in the west to the more rough-and-ready charms of Cockney London in the east, the 1,500 square kilometres of the British capital do indeed offer all that life can afford.
London today, despite its position as a global financial centre and one of the most diverse, exciting and creative cities in the world, can still be seen as simply a collection of small villages, a patchwork of individual municipalities with their own customs and character.
And the thing that pulls them together and unites them? History: layer upon layer upon layer of history. Here you can stand by a wall built by the Romans and stare up at the gleaming glass spike of The Shard, the newest, soaring addition to the London skyline. And between the two? A mere 1800 years or so. You’d better get started – there’s a lot to see.

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Most travel advisors have a 'bucket list' of iconic experiences and hotels that they long to experience, and the Venice Simplon-Orient- Express train (one of many trains and cruises by Belmond Ltd) journey would be at the top of the list for pretty much all of us.

Serendipity happens when the favour you do for a friend provides you with an amazing new business opportunity.

That’s the way it worked for Sarah Pearce, the self-described ’chief of stuff’ for Travelshoot, a fantastic new ‘optional extra’ to add to a travel itinerary.


London is a true international city and potential highlight of any European adventure. It's hard to find a city anywhere else that's got such variety and so much to offer every kind of traveller.


Travelling provides an opportunity to discover transit points that are impossible to circumvent yet are often overlooked.

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