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— words by Mal Chenu

Las Vegas is the unicorn of cities. Fantastical, fabulous, bizarre and unique, the exciting excess of Vegas is unrepeated anywhere in the world. The lure of this mafia-built oasis in the desert is irresistible and forty million visitors a year are drawn by the luminous, ethereal majesty of the Strip, where the party never ends.

Of course, the city is built on gambling – they prefer ‘gaming’ – but there is so much to see and do here, you might not have time to feed a one-armed bandit, bluff a Stetson-wearing cowboy, double down at blackjack or try to understand craps.

In recent years the city has tried to shift from the ‘Sin City’ reputation to a more entertainment-based dynamic and the range of attractions is beyond extraordinary. This evolutionary imperative is a part of Las Vegas’ constant reinvention and make return visits seem like the first.

The casinos in Vegas famously don’t have clocks – and neither should you. Vegas is at its best in the wee small hours when inhibitions are down and spirits are up. Mind-boggling, head-swimming and genuinely surreal, the glitz and kitsch of late night Las Vegas is a mesmerising cornucopia of unforgettable fascinations.

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Symbolic and sentimental, renewing your vows is a commemoration of everlasting love, whether it's just the two of you or a celebration in the presence of your nearest and dearest.


Beneath the giant red sign illuminating the Asian Garden Mall in Southern California, slabs of jumbo, white squid are seared on a smoky grill. Nearby, children pluck fried potato slices off a stick and couples dance to Vietnamese ballads.


Rio and Cuba. The Pope's Year of Mercy and artist Christo's walk on water. Philadelphia, Cleveland and the next US president. Super Bowl in California and the Indy 500 at 100. A centennial for America's National Park Service, 400 years since Shakespeare died and 500 years of pure German beer.


Las Vegas can inspire some serious overindulgence. However, along with its numerous bars and casinos, the region is full of outdoor and active experiences.

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