Luxurious Italian Holiday Packages

The dazzling art collections, the remnants of ancient empires and the impressive Cathedrals celebrating religion; Italy presents an incredible array of glorious cultural attractions. This is the land with the greatest concentration of UNESCO World Heritage Sites - each one a deserving entrant, individually demanding exploration. Take a holiday through Italy today.

The Roman civilisation was one of the great empires whose developments in law, arts and administration remain infused throughout modern western culture today. The architectural gifts stand impressively evident for all to enjoy. Around 1000 years after the decline of the Roman Empire, it was Florence that played host to the renaissance and spearheaded the revival in high culture. As a nation, Italy was formerly unified in 1861 when Rome was declared the capital and Victor Emmanuel II proclaimed as King. Today, Italy celebrates its extensive history, proudly displaying the wealth of treasures while continuing to navigate the complexities facing modern Europe.

Best times to travel to Italy

Italy experiences different climates across the nation but in general the weather allows a year round exploration of the country. August is the hottest month in Rome with the mercury averaging around 30 degrees, while January is the coolest month with the temperature rising to around 11 degrees. Venice follows a similar pattern but is much cooler in winter with the mercury only rising to around five degrees in January. On the other hand Sicily enjoys mild winters with an average of 14 degrees in January.

The Italians host festivals through the year. Notable events include the Verona Opera Festival held in a Roman amphitheatre, the Venice Film Festival and the Florence Biennale, a significant arts festival. As Italy is the spiritual heart of Roman Catholicism, Christian festivals are held in special regard especially Christmas and Easter.



There are hotels and there are hotels. A place to rest your head is a far cry from accommodation that provides a destination in itself; a hotel that orchestrates the details of your stay with unique features to ensure a truly memorable experience.


Italy is a country that makes an art of enjoyment. A leisurely meal, a relaxed stroll and an idle afternoon spent in pleasant conversation are relished for every moment of the experience.

A gorgeous suite at the Belmond Hotel Cipriani in Venice

While Venice is a must-see city, it is often overrun by tourists. The challenge is to find a luxurious hotel in an outstanding private location close to the major attractions.

Most travel advisors have a 'bucket list' of iconic experiences and hotels that they long to experience, and the Venice Simplon-Orient- Express train (one of many trains and cruises by Belmond Ltd) journey would be at the top of the list for pretty much all of us.

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