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There’s good reason that Bali is referred to as the ‘Island of the Gods’. Daily ceremonies give thanks to the smallest of creatures, the abundance of nature, status of the moon, even the sharpness of knives. The Balinese are deeply spiritual people and believe in expressing appreciation to the Gods who offer protection of their tiny island – in the hope of prosperity and good fortune.
There are more temples in Bali (literally thousands), than almost anywhere else in the world, which is a lot considering its total size of 5,632km. Each has its own extensive history and purpose, located strategically on sacred land, usually in spectacular locations, adding to their draw for visitors. It’s this Balinese essence, combined with spectacularly situated tropical resorts, that Australian’s have fallen in love with. 
Along with its inspirational culture, Bali is growing into that magically trendy and chic island we imagine it to be. Things don’t stay still for long – there’s always a trendy new club opening beachside or on a stunning clifftop, or a famous Australian or international chef launching a new fine dining indulgence, unlike any other. 
There's a magic to this island and much more than cheap t-shirts or sunbeds to be explored.





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Everyone finds their own brand of paradise in Bali.


Bali can deliver an inner journey for those wanting to discover the rich culture of a world that lies behind luxury hotels, extravagant restaurants and spa retreats.


I was recently lucky enough to spend a few nights on picturesque Lombok. It's a stunning part of the world and I came back feeling refreshed and revitalised by the beauty that greeted me at every turn.


Club Med’s founder, Gerard Blitz lived by a pretty good philosophy: “The aim in life is to be happy, the time to be happy is now and the place to be happy is here."

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